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Controls and Thermostats. Indoor Air Quality. Light Commercial Rooftop Units. Indoor Air Quality. Meet Our Team. Training and Consultation. Read Our Reviews. Leave a Review. Consider a Ductless AC System. July 30, 2019. When you think of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC systems, you probably think of the furnace and air conditioner AC equipment inside, an air conditioner component outside, and a network of ducts running throughout your Hepburn home. Although many HVAC systems are designed that way, there are other alternatives. Our team at AquaTemp wants you to be well-informed about your options, and those options include ductless air conditioning systems that can function as an air conditioner only or a heat source as well. Unlike conventional whole-house HVAC systems, ductless systems are much more compact and can be installed most anywhere in your home. Also referred to as a ductless mini split system or a ductless heat pump, these systems have only three main components.
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All Blog Articles How Do Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners Work? April 22, 2016. A ductless mini-split air conditioner works like a regular central air conditioner but without the ducts. Hows that possible? The indoor unit blows warm air from your home over cold evaporator coils.
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Dont let old inefficient, heating pipes or noisy air conditioners get the best of you, call New England Ductless today to get started with a premier installation of a high efficiency mini split heat pump. Looking For Savings? Try a ductless air conditioning and heating system!
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Skip to content. EN FR ES. Dealer locator Contractor Resources. Indoor Air Coils. Indoor Air Coils. The flexible answer for zoned climate control. The flexible answer for zoned climate control. Single-zone and multi-zone ductless systems deliver warm or cool air right where you need it.
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keyboard_arrow_left Arrow back Home. Regardless of how the space will be used a home theater for entertaining, a workout room for exercise or an office to conduct serious business a Payne Ductless High Wall system is the perfect fit. With its narrow, low-profile design, the indoor unit can blend right in with your decor. Quietly effective and elegantly designed, a Payne ductless High Wall system is a great choice from the most relied upon name in the industry.
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Drawbacks of Ductless Systems Ductless Mini Split Options How Many Mini Splits Do I Need? What Size Mini-Split Do I Need? How Long Do Ductless Systems Last? How Much Do They Cost? How Much Energy Do You Save? Ductless HVAC Installations. Mini-splits, also known as ductless mini-splits or ductless heating systems, are a convenient alternative to central heating and cooling systems. In this ductless heating and cooling systems guide, well explain how these systems work, the many benefits they provide, how to find the best ductless air conditioner for your home and how to install them. What Are Ductless Mini-Split Systems? Mini-splits have a lot in common with many other heating and cooling systems: They have an outdoor condenser and indoor air-handling unit, and many mini-splits provide both heating and cooling. The primary difference between mini-splits and most other air conditioning systems is that mini-splits dont have ducts. Ductless mini-split systems have many applications in residences and commercial buildings, although their most common use is in multifamily housing or as add-ons in homes with existing heating systems that dont use ducts.

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